As a composer I have put much time into the development of educational projects.  I have written and performed a number of school musicals, focusing on topics such as saving the whale, climate change / global warming, sustainable renewable energy and the circus.


Currently, I am (still) working on the first book (format iBook) of a mystery series called "Clues in the Music."  The first adventure is "Variations of The Busker's Music Box Theme."  It takes place (of course) in Vienna and it's based on the clues in the musical score of a now obsolete (and fictitious) composer named Ignaz von Mistelbach.  Peter Dylinger and Ira Mistelbach have teamed up to find the clues and their meaning which, naturally, leads to the discovery of something important.  The title takes its name from the composition for orchestra (composed by yours truly).  For more information, visit the website:

For performances of a book (Ein Schaf fürs Leben by Maritgen Matter) turned children's stage production under the direction of VeroNika Sommeregger for the Dschungel Theater in Vienna, I was invited to contribute music and sound effects.  That was great fun.  There were some 25 performances running from February 2012 through May 2013.


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